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Freezing & Chilling

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With more than 100 years of experience as a partner of the food industry, Air Liquide has a portfolio of gases and systems that covers all stages of food production, from the storage of raw materials to the transport of the product ready for sale.

Freezing & Chilling at a glance

In the food industry, freezing generally refers to deep freezing, or lowering the temperature of a product below -18°C. In contrast, chilling refers to the rapid cooling of a food product from its manufacturing temperature to cold or refrigerated temperatures, typically 2-4°C.

Compared to traditional freezing and mechanical cooling technologies, cryogenic refrigeration of foods offers advantages in terms of product quality, which is critical for value-added, complex or fragile products, and also in terms of improved productivity, greater flexibility of the process, especially for small and medium productions, reduction of capex requirements and cost optimization initiatives.

Our offer

Air Liquide offers a range of quality gases for the food industry (meat, fruit and vegetables or dairy products and ready meals). As an industry benchmark, our gases adhere to strict quality specifications and go beyond standard regulatory requirements.

Our Nexelia™ solution for food and ingredient processing can provide you with a simple solution for cost control and a new level of operational performance. It is an all-in-one gas solution that combines the best of gases, application equipment and technical support along with a customized program for optimizing your cryogenic process.

Freezing & Cooling Applications

Freezing & Cooling

In the world of food processing, food safety, efficiency, and product quality are top concerns, along with taste and texture. Air Liquide provides high quality gases, services and technologies for refrigeration, temperature control, freezing, crust frosting and IQF freezing to help improve productivity and preserve the quality of almost any type of processed food product.

Compared to traditional mechanical cooling and freezing technologies, cryogenic food refrigeration offers great advantages in terms of product quality, which is critical for added value in complex or fragile products, as well as for improved productivity and greater productivity. flexibility of processes on small, medium and large scales. The crystallization of the water generated with cryogenic freezing prevents dehydration, avoiding burns and oxidation on the surface of the food, as well as structural damage and loss of flavor. The Air Liquide solution creates a cooler surface temperature of the product which improves performance and provides a thicker, more even layer of ice to protect the product.

Our specialists have developed solutions for cryogenic freezing tunnels and chambers that can quickly freeze the outer surface of the product or the entire product at a very low temperature for storage, packaging, cutting, mixing or whatever the next step in your process may be. They can be easily integrated into any production line.

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Refrigeration and Temperature Control

Processes involving cryogenic refrigeration continue to play a vital role in food manufacturing. This technology can deliver outstanding results for food safety, spoilage of various types of products, improved quality, productivity yields and process flexibility, while offering competitive freezing or chilling cost.

Air Liquide offers a wide range of top and bottom injection cryogenic systems that are the ideal solution for controlling the temperature of meats, seafood, pasta and a variety of processed foods during their mixing, tumbling, kneading or grinding processes, which by At the same time, they help improve productivity. Air Liquide can develop custom solutions to fit your equipment and meet your cooling needs.

Our Temperature Control systems are an all-in-one gas solution that combines the best of gases, applications equipment and technical support along with a customized Performance Service program to optimize your cryogenic process:

  • Innovative cryogenic bottom injection technology injects liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide into the bottom of a mixer or mill through multiple injection points to help ensure proper penetration, resulting in consistent temperature control and improved, providing better forming, higher quality and higher yield.
  • The experts at Air Liquide have developed cryogenic temperature control solutions using carbon dioxide to ensure that products such as poultry, beef and seafood are maintained at refrigerated temperatures minimizing bacterial growth while products are in storage. storage or being transported. Automated systems can ensure consistent distribution of carbon dioxide snow with product, also reducing labor. Manual systems using carbon dioxide snow are also available.


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