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Industrial Cryogenics

Our solutions for liquid gas applications

Air Liquide has extensive experience in industrial cryogenics, from the supply of liquid gases to the design and construction of cryogenic equipment.

Industrial Cryogenics at a glance

Cryogenics can be defined as the science of low temperatures, including refrigeration below -180°C and the liquefaction of gases.

Industrial cryogenics refers to applications where liquid gases such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, helium, and hydrogen are used as refrigerants to modify the physical properties of materials or to maintain temperature during process steps. They can also be used as a source of energy to power various applications such as fuel cell vehicles and microelectronics.

Industrial Cryogenics Applications

Water Cooling (Eco-Chiller)

Eco-Chiller is an automatic heat exchanger designed by Air Liquide to improve the efficiency of your cooling process. The system works by recycling the cold generated by the vaporization of cryogenic liquids, being taken back to the cooling system and interconnected to its cold water network. Pre-chilled water can be used directly in your process or to relieve the load and cost of your cooling units.


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Cooling of Concrete (CryoCrete)

The foundation is one of the most important stages for a construction process since it is implemented to the structure to allow loads to be transmitted and distributed to the ground in an adequate way so that it does not fail or deform when exceeding its punctual resistance. . However, to achieve a successful foundation it is necessary to consider a large number of variables. One of these, key to control, is the pouring temperature.

Air Liquide's CryoCrete is the ideal solution to handle the most demanding cooling requirements and pouring temperature specifications, especially in extremely hot weather conditions. In other words, CryoCrete is a means of cooling concrete, nothing compares to liquid nitrogen for more consistent and often more cost-effective results. In turn, some other benefits provided by the use of CryoCrete are the following:

  • Liquid nitrogen cooling has been shown to have no adverse impact on slump, air content, setting time or density.
  • Flexible and precise temperature settings with greater and faster cooling compared to ice or ice water.
  • No more handling of ice or ice water.

Scientific studies support us and with this, CryoCrete is being used in the construction of plugs, columns, bridge decks, power plants and other massive spills.

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