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Medicinal Oxygen

We collaborate with patients, health professionals and hospitals to make the health system efficient and virtuous for all.

Air Liquide Healthcare, your world leading expert for all your healthcare needs

Air Liquide Healthcare is proud to touch the lives of more than 18 million patients and 15,000 hospitals and clinics around the world. Present in 35 countries, our network is complemented by a team of health engineers and specialists committed to providing technical support to hospital requirements at any time they need it.

Leveraging these strengths, we develop innovative solutions to contribute to Mexico's growing healthcare needs.

In Mexico, hospitals and other health institutions trust Air Liquide Healthcare for their medical gases.

18 Million Patients

Air Liquide supports more than 18 million patients around the world, with medical and therapeutic gases, as well as related medical equipment.

15,000 Hospitals

We work hand in hand with more than 15,000 clinics and hospitals to develop solutions that help them care for patients, often at critical times.

>100 Years

For over 100 years, Air Liquide has served the healthcare industry around the world.

Supporting health institutions with gases

Healthcare is a crucial industry that requires a constant supply of gases and vital infrastructure systems.

Air Liquide offers unmatched reliability and service in hospitals, medical centers and clinics. We optimize care for pediatric and adult patients during acute episodes, which generally occur in the hospital setting. You can find our medical gases and services in emergency rooms, operating rooms and medical and surgical intensive care units.

Procedures, diagnoses and treatments, that's what saves lives. We provide healthcare professionals with all the fundamental solutions: molecules and services.


Presence of Air Liquide inside a hospital

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